Annie From Wales

Anne is a native of Swansea, south Wales with a broad experience of the tourism industry.  She thinks it's great that 60 is said to be the new 40 because she was so busy during her 40s she missed them!

As an optimist she sees hard lessons in life as free personal/professional/business development programs.    In the 1980s Anne left a secure, well paid job to start her own retail business.  She experienced and  rose to the challenge of surviving the economic recession of the 1980s, became a voluntary trouble shooter for a failing local business in the 1990s and restored the birthplace of Dylan Thomas in the 2000s.

With over twenty years experience of working in the tourism industry, Anne is an experienced public speaker and accredited tourist guide who brings facts to her audience through her easy listening and humorous storytelling technique.   Through her style of storytelling, she can bring the past into the present and align current day issues with the past.

Anne is an acknowledged expert on the life of writer Dylan Thomas and has an in depth knowledge of the social history and culture of Swansea and Wales.

Latest News from Annie

Wales is a land of myths and legends, Dylan Thomas and actor Richard Burton are two of the Artistic Legends who were born on the opposite sides of Swansea Bay and became work colleagues and friends. Both now have trails dedicated to them in their home towns of Swansea and Port Talbot.

Thomas' Welsh trail starts in Swansea, goes through to New Quay in Ceredigion, west Wales and ends in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire. . As an acknowledged Thomas tourist guide, there has been an increase in bookings for guided tours by Anne from trans Atlantic journalists and special interest groups.

Anne completed a public speaking tour in America last year and is preparing for a European tour this year.